Sex should be romantic

Sex should be romantic

Sexual contact is romantic

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 Or it should be or else we are losing an essence of human nature. Sex is one of the most controversial topics in the world as certain cultures consider it a sin, and others use it as an act of power. But our society should be doing is evolving as human beings not degrading ourselves into this concept of no emotion sex.

A setting trend has started as sex is being treated as a carnal desire. Instead of an act that people do to create beauty in the world. Yes sex is fun. But having fun without romance is creating a lack in the quality of life as you know it. Men like the chase, and women like to be chased or so this is what we are shown via television, books, and other ways. But the chase doesn’t equate to romance.

Today, our chase for love involves social media

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Today, our chase for love involves social media, or as some say the swipe of dating apps. You don’t like a picture of a girl so you swipe it away to get another one because god forbid this is how we pick out our lives. A new car comes out and we have to run to return our old obsolete car because advertisements tell us so. This same mind set has given us this false perception that love means we have so many options to pick from, and that we should keep a backup plan on hand at all times.

What’s more romantic? A person sending you a message that you are beautiful or  a call that expresses he adores you by striking up conversation? Of the two, I would pick the call as you can hear the voice and feel important talking to someone face to face. Our society has begun this acceptance of playing games with each others minds, and bodies.

Goals in the realm of love have become sleeping with as many people you can rather than innovating yourself into finding a person suited to you, or to suit yourself for someone else. We live for seconds on our phone, and not moments with a person these days. How romantic is it to be on a date and watch the other person with their head divulged into the world of social media?

I just wish Romance was still a thing

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I wish for the days when you could go walking around hand in hand with someone and not have to hesitate because questions of your relationship might arise. I miss gifting people for the mere idea of being nice and not having ulterior motives. Where are the days  people don’t ask your name to put you on Facebook so they can call you beautiful.

I want people to put effort into material quality and not material quantity. Yes, this theory affects our sexual lives as well. If we valued the quality of materials in our life we would put one hundred percent into a person we are dating instead of fifty percent where we have a backup plan already made.

Quantity tells me you desire things

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Quantity tells me you desire things, objects, and everything you can get your hands on. Quality tells me you care about what, and who you surround yourself with. Which means in the bedroom you could probably blow a person’s mind away because you focus on that person and not just pleasure alone.

Maybe I’m uptight compared to the rest of my generation. I would rather value Quality over Quantity. Its why I believe love should associate itself with sex because life's too short to believe otherwise. Do you want to spend your days in a low quality relationship because you want Quantity over Quality? Did you know that every second a person dies and one of those seconds it could be you? Why waste seconds devoted to your social media over a partner?

I've found that people like to follow. Its why we have fights over the latest gadgets, chasers for money, and chasers for multiple lovers. I want to see more uniqueness in romance. More people who look at the way our world is structured and take the path less traveled.

How do you feel about romance these days?

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