Minimalism – Get into it

Minimalism – Get into it

Our world is busy.

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We are constantly in a flux of movement like cheetahs running the span of a Savannah. Speed. Speed and structure rule our society. People are bred to desire the newest, latest, and coolest gadgets, items, and technology by advertisers.

Desires for material things have overtaken our desire for materialism as a whole. You get the newest phone, and in six months that same phone becomes obsolete because advertisements, and marketing tell us so. Thus, students go into college searching for the jobs that give us more money rather than finding a job that makes us feel good about ourselves because we’ve been mislead.

People have a structure from the time they are born to the time they die. A child is expected to go through grade school, attend college, move into a large house, make a family, and get expensive cars or things. Consumerist society.

So why are people miserable even if they had more money than they need? It boils down to the fact that we make money to buy more things which is supposed to make us happier. But it doesn’t.

Why? Due to the consistency of new things being brought to our minds we are constantly searching to obtain these new items. Thus, we are never satisfied, and never find our peace that shows us happiness. The one thing that happens to us when we get old is regret. We regret the things we did do, the things we didn’t do, and the things we want to do.

What minimalism does

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Contrary to what you may think- you do NOT have to get rid of everything to be a minimalist. Minimalism is the idea that we get rid of caring for things and start caring about material quality. What do we need? Why do we want what we want?

Do you need a large house where you have space, but now you have space you need to fill which means you have to buy more things? I think we should minimize our desires for wants and look at what we need. How do we become happy without having a ton of stuff?

You don’t need the latest phone as the latest phone is just a new distraction among all the others. Look in your house. What do you see? Junk you don’t use? Junk you do use but don’t need?

There are some things that are ok to collect but the more clutter we have- the less happy we are.

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What makes you happy

If you chase after a job for money to buy yourself more things you are bound for failure. By doing the unhappy chase you are falling into the exact reason the American Dream is a fail. Everybody wants to be that rich and famous guy because they want the money involved with it but if you are doing what you love – does money really matter?

I’ve minimized my life in a way and it makes me happier as a person. I don’t own a cellphone which means I don’t desire a better phone. I don’t want the newest computer because my computer works just fine. I like to read, but I enjoy re-reading.

However, not everyone will be as up and ready to change. But trust me- its not worth living a life you may regret one day.

What would you cut to help minimize your life?

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