Five things you need to make it through hard times

Five things you need to make it through hard times

Are you lost like me? Are you constantly fumbling through doubt and finding no path out? Are you giving up too soon? I have a few posts – I’ll link at the bottom that cover the gist of what I am going through but this post is going to cover what I’ve needed to help keep me sane during it.


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First and Foremost you need drive. You need to be able to desire to get somewhere in your life- and never stop driving yourself to that destination. I don’t mean any of those petty desires like a flashy sports car, a million dollar house, or even to own a zoo. I’m talking about the drive to do what you love, and love doing it. You won’t always be able to do what you love and make a living doing it but you can certainty find a way to manage doing something you love in your spare time. Life is too short to be digging your grave silently at a job you don’t care about. Generic is for the week. Generic is meant for the followers, the shoe-ins, and the drones.

I love the job I have currently but is the pay good enough to do it forever? No. However, I give it my all. I love it. I’m a doer at work stepping my feet over every stone. One the side, I write. Writing here on my blog, writing my novel -insert link, and reading about life. I like to say I have drive. A drive to live a fulfilling life not lead by a white picket diamond fence with perfection. Its over-rated.


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Our heart is the biggest, boldest, and most consuming part of us. I’m one of those free lunch girls that use to eat off of free lunch because my disabled mother had to afford an eight hundred dollar rent, bills, and food while making only 1200 a month. ( Respectively, she still only makes that much, and I don’t make more than six hundred every two weeks.) However, I remember to tip my coffee makers, lend a dollar to a friend, buy a gift for friends, and I always will help someone.

I will never give up on people, and kindness. I believe in my heart, and the hearts around me because without a heart I wouldn’t be breathing. My soul would be bleed dry, and I would be nothing but a drone within this world. I don’t wanna be a drone? Do you?


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People who stop reading after they finish college, or even high-school are losing the ability to be engrossed in a beautiful assortment of words. Reading teaches us. It informs us. It empowers us to be able to communicate correctly among each other. If you think about it we wouldn’t be able to express our feelings quite the same without books in our life. I encourage you to pick up a book, and read through it.


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Allow room for doubt. I don’t mean to be succumbed by it. Let your doubt become answers, and your answers lead to your success. You won’t ever know where your life is heading until your crawling to breath. I want to be like Alice as she met the Mad Hatter. I want my eyes to be open to the ways the world works, and the ways people think. Self-doubt can often bring about a truth in yourself you never knew existed.


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Love is endearing. Love is power. Love is essential to all our lives. If you think that love means being in a relationship. It doesn’t. Knock that kind of love right out of your thoughts. Love to me is an essence of soul. It is who we are. We need to love ourselves even in hard times and stay positive through the difficult ones.

So, I ask you what are five essential things you need during hard times and why?