The thing about home

The thing about home
Image result for Fantasy A writer should always have a place that we call home in terms of our writing. No I’m not talking about that desk in your office, or the home in which you do the daily routines of taking care of problems. A writing home is not a physical place. A writing home is a place we make in our hearts, in our souls, and in our promise to ourselves.

Home a place for the soul

I have a place that I call home as a writer. It is my home because it created my willingness to write, and developed my ability to better myself as a person. I gained an administrative experience as a moderator, and an administrator for a bit. My writing home is found in a tiny corner of the web like one of those sites which readers pass over because they don’t realize the inner workings of the souls within it. My home is Creative Freedom RPG where your imagination should run free without restraint. Image result for creative freedom rpg Comfort for a writer means we satisfy ourselves with writing what we enjoy, what we know best, and what we are typically good at. On this site, Aeriel Best, the owner of the site, taught me to challenge myself in terms of spewing words on a page. I began to emerge from the depths of comfort-ability in fantasy, and fiction to writing in science fiction, or horror due to the wide variety of genres that writers work on.

The years spent here 

Image result for fiction I’ve been on this site for longer than five years.  Even when I step away for awhile  many other writers will continue to call it a new found home as well. What makes her site unique compared to most sites out there is that it is a story progression site where writers work on stories together using characters, plot, patience, and words to form new ideas, and flesh out new outcomes in stories.  

If you want a writing home where group work is a must you will find it here.

Dedication  is a given. You will find with each level on the site plays to a person’s given ability to write. Omega is for people who are just figuring out the site, or how to navigate it. You can work in a group setting on almost every level at any given time.   What makes me more attached to her site is that the people are great. I have made some of my best friends here, and I wouldn’t change it for the life of me. They do monthly contests, and every three months they reveal a newspaper done on scribbler which is fantastically free. They do accept donations or monthly subscriptions. The subscriptions don’t do much. It does support the cause. By supporting the cause it gives you special medals- which are pretty epic- so I would suggest in donating to them. The thing about home is that we make our home not the other way around. Why not as a writer give this place a try?   If you want a place like this that envelops  a new style of writing  for your skills you will find it here at my home. What is you’re writing home and why do you call it that? Comment, email me, talk, share, click the ads if your interested, and please keep coming back for more. With love, Image result for kissy face