You didn’t expect this for a book review

You didn’t expect this for a book review
  Today, I will commit to writing out a full on book review for a story  that I found laying around on Amazon. Sometimes, I like to pick up a book just for it’s obscure title, and sometimes I do it to try to strengthen my own writing as I’m writing my own book, and want to ensure my ideas have yet to be picked out, or plucked into another novel. Copy write issues are no fun right?      

The first page speaks a lot about what you're diving into

  If you are an avid reader the first page of a book is like the opening scene of a movie. We determine the worth of a book by the first few seconds our eyes flick over the page. I like to call this the make it or break moment just like two future lovers sitting across from the table trying to feel out each other’s values.   Once this thought arrives, it stays. It sticks. It lingers. It dominates. There’s not much I can do about it. Trust me. It doesn’t go away. It’s there whether I like it or not. It’s there when I eat. When I go to bed. It’s there when I sleep. It’s there when I wake up. It’s always there. Always.” - Iain Reid   If you ever heard Stephen King’s famous quote “ An opening line should invite the reader to begin the story. It should say: Listen. Come in here. You want to know about this.”- Stephen King  

Interesting enough 

When you read the opening line of Iain Reid’s I’m thinking of ending things we get pulled right away to the words on the page like a deer who smelled fresh grass. The words invigorated me to continue reading the novel because at first I noticed that it was a riveting start. A introduction to a novel that no one has started before. Powerful like a film from a short film festival. You just can’t pull your head away from it.   HOW DO WE KNOW WHEN something is menacing? What cues us that something is not innocent? Instinct always trumps reason. At night, when I wake up alone, the memory still terrifies me. It scares me more the older I get. Each time I remember it, it seems worse, more sinister. Maybe each time I remember it, I make it worse than it was. I don’t know.” - Ian Reid   The story jumps us around making us wonder what events happen to create such a seriously thrilling moment that terrifies her within the first few pages. How I take the quote above is that it is relatable. We have all sat there wondering when a moment became menacing. I know that line makes go back in time when I was in highschool and had my first break up fight in public.   Our words were scathing, our reactions scared me, and worst of all I still am haunted by the dread I felt when he walked away. If you can’t relate to such a strong line I am disappointed in you.

I can’t actually go any further with this book because I have not finished.

  But I will tell you we can compare the start of this novel to the start of mine. “I remember that day as if it was a vibrant nightmare.One of those nightmares worse then seeing a black haired child coming out of a screen. It hits you like a punch to the gut making you shiver as you try to shed off the memory to try to finish sleeping except you can’t fall asleep. The image is glaring you right in the face with your chest pounding so fast it might burst “   My story is quite the thriller just like Ian’s story. However, I want to pull my readers into a suspenseful situation and leave them heaving at the end of the book for more. “ “With every step we clamber up  here is a moment  which we must either face desire, fear,or defeat like that of a warrior. You can’t just let your feet slide away in defeat  that’s like letting the patient’s heart stop during mid surgery.” Flickering orange fluorescent lights lit up Rachel’s clean cut front yard. People danced, pouring liquor, stumbling over toes, and screaming over her richly decorated porch. A navy seal flag hung off the left pole when accessing the porch which confirmed the status of what her parents were in the navy. A crystal chandelier hung to the left side of her wraparound porch spreading multicolored beams of light around like a disco ball. Boys tried to cajole a few girls into letting them get their drinks. “   I am a huge reader, and learner. I am working on perfecting my novel while working out the kinks to my story. I would suggest buying Ian’s book if you want to be drawn into an irrevocable story of conquest, strength, and relationships.   One more thing if you haven’t , you should watch shameless because it teaches us about hardships we never thought we would face.   With love and till next time, Image result for kissy face