The unheard of super power

The unheard of super power
  We all know the great powers of super strength, flying, telekinesis, and shape shifting but do we know about the power of writing? Our world is changed, and driven by writers who have a passion for the unknown.   Writing is a super power much like Rogue’s in X Men due to the fact that it is under-powered with a stronger moral aspect to it. ( The X Men is a comic series that tells the tale of mutants who have powers that fight for their rights, or even against each other. There are good mutants and bad mutants.)  Rogue’s power in X men is that she can absorb the memories, ability, personalities, and outward physical characteristics of beings through skin to skin contact. She is one of my favorite super heroes even if she is under rated in the series. Rogue’s abilities make her have to make moral decision as a superhero which sometimes conflicts with the greater good. A writer has much of the same powers with the same drawbacks. Image result for writing super power

Absorbing memories to pen them down

  A person who has taken a liking to writing is a separate entity from someone who is creating words on a paper because they must quiet the demons who keep creating vast worlds. The liker of writing is someone who picks up a book criticizes it’s plot line and places it down never to read it again but a writer is someone who re-reads that same book trying to inquire how the imagination made such an interestingly written world. We are the absorbers of the world. If you ask a writer how we remember our story with such a vast amount of distractions around us? Most of us will respond with the memories of our mind hold the story we create for us, or even our own fingers have an implanted memory of the story we are developing. Just like how  Rogue gets flashes of the person’s memories in her mind we get flashes of our character’s story flooding through our eyes till it bleeds out on paper. I like to call this the first step of being a superhero which is being unable to get rid of the character in your head.   Image result for writing power quotes  

Absorbing Abilities like a chameleon

Image result for writing power quotes   In X Men Rogue absorbs the abilities of every mutant she touches. The only way to prevent this is to use a glove to keep from having direct skin contact. A writer reacts much the same because we can create worlds where anything even death can be impossible but our draw back is that if the writing doesn’t directly form an image in a reader’s head it will fall flat like a squashed hat.  Words must make us chameleon’s among the world as pen names are made to trick readers into never knowing an author’s full name. I prefer the pen name Ristina as it’s not a name typically found in the world. We are the sacred creatures that use a multitude of abilities to form content relevant to a reader by using stories. We use word use, chemistry, knowledge, and our base ability of grammar to keep producing words that won’t fade. Image result for writing power quotes

Personalities as many as the stars in the sky

Image result for writing power quotes If Rogue can absorb personalities so can a writer. We must write our characters and formulate our stories around conflicting people, and actions that are unpredictable to keep the reader's attention.  I think I find myself relating more to her as my characters have to make moral decisions against immoral decisions far too often. A single story should be an adventure,  a soul diving, world changing, and climatic ending that keeps us pleading for more. Image result for writing power quotes

Why writers will never quit an art that makes us superhuman

  Many writers acknowledge the fact that our characters are not controlled by us. We kill a character not by choice but because the plot can not carry on with that character alive. I find my characters react the way the way they want and not by my own hands. When a character dies I have no control over it only the other characters do. I can’t change the story as I write it and if a character desperately wants to save another one they will find a way to. However, I can not pick what the character does because when I write i’m in this zone. A inhuman zone that takes control of my brain- rewiring it to type, and makes my fingers pound out letters one after another. By pounding out words like this I lose my humanity and become a writing machine. This would make a super power out of me.   Can you relate to this? If so, what makes you superhuman, or what power would you desire most, and do you ever get into the zone?   With love, Image result for kissing emoji Rist- please be kind and donate a dollar or two just to help me out as I continue to dish out blog posts, and craft better material for you. Thank you,