Fighting the fading written culture

Fighting the fading written culture   A culture that has forgotten the importance of woven words is a culture faded to fail against the evolving technological world. We are taught reading just like we are taught math but as technology progresses children become less likely to pick up a book, and more likely to sit down for hours playing around with video games that enhance problem making thought processes. We are over ridden by apps, social media, and television like a consuming cold that chills us to the bone.  Our relationships suffer, our friendships suffer, and our ideals fade as society progresses into being lazy. Image result for technology vs reading What’s impressive is that even with all the technology in the world there are still children that prefer to have a book in the palms of their fingers than a cellphone. Books bring into a new world, a place we can hide away in, and a place we can leave the world for to discover entities or beings that make our heart pound teaching us that we are not alone. A cellphone teaches us that instant communication, and fake meanings rule our world. Yes, technology is great but do you ever get sick of having to pick up your phone for every text that comes your way? Image result for the beauty of humanity We are a society that is fading into laziness. You want food but don’t want to leave your house or make a call you can just use an app and have it all done in seconds. You want to meet your next lover but not actually be looking for a companion ...Hook up apps are available. Maybe, I am old school, and maybe I am aware of how society is falling into such a rough patch.   The kids who read hold more knowledge, are less social, and tend to work around the idea of a cell phone. I’ve had chances to ask a parents why certain kids don’t hold a cellphone and the answers I get are widely the same. The parents believe that because they grew up without all this technology that the children can to. If we are consistently relying on social media, phones, apps, and technology to create our friendships we are eliminating the actual beauty of humanity. Image result for humanity Humanity is lost when we sink ourselves into the bitter cold of technology. Technology is good until a texting driver takes your life on the road. Texting is grand until you have lost someone and all those little dings from your phone make you feel more alone. All of those likes we get on social media did not dictate our relationships, or who we are. Hell, I’d rather be alone than told what to do with my life because everything I know I learned over time not by someone telling me to. I don’t do judging, I won’t judge a person, but I certainly stick to only using social media if it is necessary We are a culture turning ourselves into robots based on what the television wants from us. If you live your life following the internet, following wants over needs, and falling into the heard it’s hard to see that reading could help you. Most people who read do not want to follow the herd, most want to follow their own game, and we want to improve society. Image result for humanity I watched a video recently on this site: which wants to help make technology and humanity align. I like the meaning behind the project. It explains how to cut your cellphone’s light to help you sleep, and how to rid your phone of having instant access to every app. But most of all he speaks truth that if we continue to care about social media we continue to rid our humanity of human interaction. I think that as a writer I find technology poisonous at times as it makes friendships harder to keep, and expresses to us that reading is not necessary in our world.  If an idea is overrun we worry another person has already written but have they done so using our language? Any time spent reading is time well spent for me. I try not to allow my social media to over run my life and I may have done the drastic way of doing it my life is far less dramatic for it. My advice to help eliminate technology from over running you is that you need to make it less important. If you are a video gamer play your games but turn off your cell phone. If you are a writer cut every distraction out and just pound out your words. If you want to socialize go outside talk to strangers. Spread humanity by being human.