Day 10 Coffee matters right?

Day 10 Coffee matters right?   Image result for humanism   I run on coffee like a fish needs water. Coffee keeps my brain moving during long writing intervals that are hard to push through.. I can’t imagine not having coffee in my life it’s like taking one of my legs and chopping it off. I would feel low on energy, and down in the dumps for the majority of the day. Yes. I have a coffee problem like people have a cigarette problem. If I think about it I gained this habit in middle school when I would stay up late and rewatch anime till three am every day. What better way to make someone’s day then buy them coffee?   I walked into my typical coffee shop one day to have my order already paid for by an anonymous person. I was so shocked that I tried to find out who it was to thank them but the server refused to tell me saying the guy was pretty adamant you would try to get ahold of him. Let me just say I never found who it was but that server hints as to who it might be everyday. It's kind of like a like a guessing game for me. A very fun type of guessing game where the winner gets to Thank the person. Image result for humanism After having this done for myself, I felt like it would be a great movement to do the same for someone else. Pass on the happiness in the form of a great cup of joe. I found it a very positive thing that a human being can do for another but what I really like about it is that you don’t have to tell the person you are doing this. It can be our little secret that you covered someone else’s bill. We can call it being a mystery giver. You can dot this at stores, coffee shops, fast food chains, and wherever you feel like it. I know it feels like even with our meager paychecks we are making it week by week but a few dollars to help someone else can feel magical.   I wonder if the person would do the same as me and try desperately to uncover the paying culprit, or would they just shrug and accept it? I mean some people are strange and would be mad that someone else covered their bill. I’ve seen that before and it always confuses me. Why would you be mad that someone saved you money of all things? You could always tip your order to the server if there was an issue with someone helping you out? Image result for humanism Anyways, If you believe in kindness being kind can’t ever hurt you. When does being nice ever bite you in the behind? Let’s keep making this movement a thing and go by someone something mysteriously like me. It can’t hurt. At least not physically right?  I will be doing a trending topic next. Please share, comment, pass the word around, and ping back to this challenge if you are attending in it. I want to see your posts. Thank you!