Beyond that place- Chapter one

Beyond that place- Chapter one   Chapter one   Nerine’s hands pressed against a large door made of hard steel. Light purple decorative symbols littered the door like a child’s form of graffiti. She was told by the elders this door lead to another world. A place of beauty, dreams, and desires. The powers behind the door were said to grant you immense abilities but it would drain mentally, and impair your memory. The door of Aversia was off limits for most of the neverian elves because it had such a mystical air about it. Neverian elves were taught to live off the land. Hunt, kill, but never use a method that invested your energy to magic. They were an odd clan among the many elf clans that existed due to being the first elf clan to refuse to use magic due to the many years  researching  on magic only to uncover a twinge of destructive magic that caused them to forbid magic within the clan. Magic is a form of life energy in Sumaria that is twisted by the users desires. If a being desired to kill the magic would become red with rage, and kill the person on the spot depending on the spell used or how strong the desire is. If a being desired to be rich the cost of using magic could result in a loss of life. In order to use magic, A being must either have a sacrifice, prick their own blood, create a promise, or even their own life is at risk if they were trying to use necromancy. Negative magic or magic to kill took a cost. Positive magic thrived off the lands, and trees in the area. Nerine  remembered hearing rumors that her father was not a nevarian elf by blood, but by choice. Nevarians had a hard time accepting outsiders, and the half blood that rested within her made living among the clan as an outsider. Rumors shed that her father was a powerful elf that use to thrive off of magic but came to the neverian’s for peace. His marriage to her mother neverian mother, who was a tribe leader at the time, was looked at in disdain causing another reason for her fellow clan to treat her like an outsider. The relationship between the two was frowned upon so much that the tribe killed her father, and locked her mother up in a cage for disobeying the the pureblood in the clan. The tribe elders decided to raise her as a halfblood allowing the clan to pick on her slightly diffrent sapphire eyes, or the slight angular shape of her face that set her apart from the rest of them with the dazzling purple strands of hair that often curled itself around her cheeks. Growing up in the clan meant having berries,leaves, mud, and other unmanageable stuff thrown into her hair without care, or being treated like she did not exist. The elves in the clan were adamant to steer all the male elves towards more suitable partners as if being near her would corrupt their bloodline. Her slim fingers gracefully traced over the door as an image of a lake popped into her brain. What did the elders always tell her? Freedom at the cost of someone’s life is no freedom at all. Purple locks waved behind her back from slivers of wind, and her sapphire eyes began to glow as the door grew more powerful. If she opened the door where would it lead? The tribe had no idea she delved into an old leaflet full of text about the aversia door which was rumored to keep another world at bay but the lore within the text told her enough of a hint about it’s whereabouts. It was like convincing a tiger cub it wanted to play. She uncovered the door after a long trek through the western forest avoiding large snakes, tree debris, and being caught traversing in forbidden territory. Lore spoke that the door was built by the dwarves who use to inhabit the area, but as the forest became overgrown their cave was getting harder to live in. When the neverian elves came around to strike a deal. For the price of weapons, they would convert the forest into a more inhabitable place. The massive oak trees got hanging wood bridges, and treehouses littered the forest. On the ground, they built caverns for dwarves. It was peaceful leaving for the most It was peaceful living for the most part till one dwarf strayed too close to the ginormous door. The elders spoke to the other dwarves which caused them to kick the dwarf right out of the forest. It was a sin to breath the air of this door but it was like a siren's calling. She could not understand why the door was such a sin when all it did was glow... She twisted to turn around but before her feet could meander away a full gust of wind knocked her backwards against the door. A loud crackling noise echoed through the forest, and her gut sank like a boat that took many cannons in the open sea. “ Please don’t be doing that, Please don’t be doing that.”      Aversia’s door swung wide open faster than a river filling up from the downpour of rain. A weird purple glow engulfed her into the swirling door. Her mind felt sick as the world began to turn like the old toys the elders gave her which looked like tops. When the spinning stopped she was surrounded by tall buildings, and weird creatures holding cellular devices. Plumes of smoke arose into the air, and the scent of strong toxation met her nose. People spoke in odd tongues, and laughed at her pointing their fingers at her like she was back in the village being mocked. Flashing lights went off trying to take her image and pawn it off to the community for their type of currency. It made no sense to her but neither did the door that brought her here. Spoken words lured others towards her like a ball of yarn to a cat. The voices were as foreign as a groaning of an Orc. A man continued to snap pictures on his little device with a devious grin. Odd structures with weird turning wheels sped to a stop as the crowd just got larger and larger as if a king had just walked through the door. Confusion erupted as a loud  whirring noise flashed towards her. Her hands cupped around her sharp ears trying to figure out what in the world this place is. Humans were so weird to choose technology over magic. She wanted to make a sound but not a peep came out. It was like looking into the ripples of water but seeing only a disrupted reflection in return. The soles of her feet were burning due to the odd foundation on the ground. “ Mommy, look it isn’t moving.” A child ran towards her with  his bright ocean eyes as if she wasn’t usual but the mother quickly grabbed the child’s arm, yanking him back. “ It’s dangerous, whatever it is.” “ Clear the way people, Clear the way.!” Men dressed in an odd uniform pressed through the crowd like soldiers. Were they here to fight? She couldn’t sense the twirls of magic here. Nor, where the door went. Before she could grasp anything else, the men had hefted her arms behind her muttering confusion words. The language they were speaking was slowly becoming understandable but she knew none of the meaning of the words as the men as they dragged her to loud vehicles. One man shoved her into the back of the vehicle that iron bars inside it reminding her of the carriages they used on savages. “ This is why they created special corps Jimmy, I swear.” The one who had dragged her spoke while slipping a weird piece of paper into his mouth that puffed out a plume of smoke. “ Not so that we can capture real criminals?” “ What are real criminals but dressed up wannabe’s anyways.” Some noise like a buzzing occurred as the car started up. Then the car began to move her past so many trees and odd places that her brain from the overload fell asleep.   Sumerian court   “ It’s only been a few hours since the door opened.”A neumarian man spoke as whispers equated in a large room decorated with statues, one long table, and giant amounts of maps everywhere that span the human realm, magic realm, and beast realm. “ By an elf whose magic should not exist.” A burly dwarf barely the size of the steel chairs he was in rattled on about lies being flung around by the nevarian elves. Free from magic..his hide. “ Would you all simmer down. This is a court. Not an appeals to comment whatever it is your mind has an issue on.” The speaker with a black robe banged his fingers three times on the silver table establishing seniority in court. “ We are here to judge if the Nevarian elves broke the seal, or or if it was mere coincidence their elf opened the door. We all know humans choose technology over magic. They may have more advances, but we have the power to control the elements. However, the Nevadans have had little contact with magic on purpose. Why would that be?” “ Sir, if you don’t mind my little trollish self, I think it would be to assure that the humans are keeping to their promise. I mean the species doesn’t live quite as long as we do. “ An odd creature with green ears sat right up. “ Thank you trellish. But you think is not enough to retract the fact that the door opened.” An old man waved for the green troll to sit back down again. Clicking from a giant golden clock kept reminding the room that the rest of sumaria was waiting for an important verdict to be made. “ If you could be so kind Tranvar could you express what the nevarian clan stands for? I hear rumors they are not the peace loving elves we have been told to believe undoubtedly. Especially, if they were hiding a half elf in their midst.”   “ The elves have treated the nemarian clan like brethren. They cure the pollution dark magics leave upon our land. We have speculated that their forms of magic are too bland compared to most elves, and that there must be some reason they chose to be close to that door. The law of Aversa states that the door wafts powerful magic within a particular span of area. We are aware there are other averian relics among specified elven clans. “ Tranvar with his light brown strands, and sharp ruby eyes with elven ears sat back down. He was what most would call a king among the elves born as a sun-kissed elf whose hair darkened with age. Trellish clicked his giant fingers on the table in impatience. “ What you are saying is we have an even bigger problem if let’s say the night elves got ahold of the relic.” A bit of muttering passed around the table for a bit after this. Men went back and forth about the importance of balancing the world of magic. Peace has lasted too long, and a war with elves would be disastrous In a flash, a man with a dark robe with sapphire glowing eyes appeared before the council He bowed before going to take a seat at an empty chair. All chitter chatter ended as he sat down. “ It’s great to see old conflicts have yet to fade. But if I may have a word, I will keep an eye out for the use of unnecessary magic from the human world. She is a half elf, and her other blood is of the Aversia kind.” Whispers crowded the table as if someone displayed a human right before their eyes. “ She’s an elven witch?” The dwarf spoke up surprised to be seeing such a mixed elf. “ I thought most half elves were half other sort of elf, and half the other. Tranvar is this true?” “ Most elves are half other elf. You are considered sun-kissed if you are a pureblood elf in your clan. You are considered half if you are mixed with anything else. My concern is that if the nemarians knew they were housing a half witch. It is against the law to host an aversion in your clan undocumented. “ “ How can we trust you elf? You folks were never the honest kind.” Trellish spoke grunting out his disdain for elves. The place erupted into arguments of trust, and how the elves are the reason for peace at the moment. “ CAN WE ALL JUST SIMMER DOWN!” A man slammed his trident against the floor. “ I did not travel here to hear about your petty mistrust with each other.If your pretty little half elf is truly a witch, gods help us all. She can undue all the aversion relics, and bring disruption to our peace. But this can be done by finding one of the seven dragons as well. Heavens hell, why are you scared of a petty half elf?” “ Have you heard the stories of aversia? “ “  Yea. She was just some glorious bad witch that the dragons had to put down. “The room began to chitter chatter again as the man with sapphire eyes, and a dark robe disappeared unnoticed.   -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------   She awoke with a thunk and greeted with ice cold flooring. “ Make yourself comfortable. I will be back in a minute you miscreant. “ Sounds like the rumble of carriages from her old village resounded in the small hollow room which had a futon with no bedding, and a random piece of paper on it. Flecks of dust littered the corner of the place but it reminded her of the jails back at the village that were built with firm Oak wood, and kept together with iron steel. Words clung together in a tongue unfamiliar to her. “ Really? Are you saying her cosplay looks so real that she must of paid millions of dollars for surgery.? Come on, Jack, It can’t be that great.” Sarcasm bled out of a man in an expensive suit with a little silver badge over his right chest. “ I am telling you sir. She caused quite the commotion.” A jangling sound reached her sharp ears and slowly she turned to see bars across the walkway, and jarring sound like thunder occurred as a man with a badge stepped past them. Their words still sounded like some sort of orchis magic to her. “ Sharp ears you got there girl. I bet you can hear the drips of water from our defective sink right now.” His words spoke to an empty expression as she just blinked sapphire pearls back at him. “ Your eyes must be contact lenses because they look reflective like the open sea.” A slight frown crossed the man’s unshaven face as he poked and probed at every part of her. None of it felt as if she had undergone surgery, not even a scar on her ears. The man felt the fabric of her golden deer dress which shined a beautiful soft yellow against the dime fluorescence against the room. “ She’s real alright.” Everyone laughed at the joke but Jack. The miscreant’s skin was starting to turn a slight purple as her ability to survive in such an atrocious place took its effect. “ Sir, I think she is dying. “ Jack folded his arms at the way his boss was so leisurely trying to feel up the lady before him no matter how crazy she looked.   Jack’s boss who had the name tag Danny on the badge was swiftly checking the lady’s feet. “ Oh, I thought she was just getting embarrassed from being- wait is she turning plumb?” “ Yea Dan. She is turning the color of your fruit from the office.” Jack retorted. “ Cause for trouble there.” Dan stepped away from the neumarian elf placing a cigarette into his mouth that he did not light. It was aggravating to see such a thing before his eyes. All the stories of elves were old wives tales meant to inspire inspiration for the young.Did someone create a living robot that represented an elf?It would be logical but her body was not super soft, or hard like metal. If the press got hold of her it would make the city rich, and the researchers richer. But he poor miscreant would not be able to understand anything. It looked as if the language they spoke was not her own. “ Alright, We have a real elf in our midst guys. Jack can you write up a document of a description of her. Secondly, I want to have a file about her. We know two things; She appeared in the center of a busy park, and that her skin is changing colors. In all seriousness, do not mention this to any federal police as the believability of this is as good as an Avenger appearing before us.” “ On it sir, “ Jack turned from the basement of the police station to head up the stairs to his unmanageable office. The officers scrounged around the basement taking pictures and gasping at the miscreant. Dan was sitting on the futon with a pen and paper out watching as the elf’s ticked back and forth between them. They must of looked like a bunch of buffoons to the turning purple angel before him. She was starting to understand pieces of the language humans spoke. Her energy was sapping from her but that was because the air humans breathe is not laced with natural magic. It was toxic to her lungs but there was not much she could do to prevent it. Why did the door have to open? How could she make it back to her clan? What punishment would the council hold for her? At the moment, she was using what little magic resided in the air to try to learn the language of the beasts before her. It was slow but progress was being made in her head. She could only use words that were in her own language’s dictionary. “ What are you beings?” Her voice rang like beautiful chimes in the area. “ We are humans. We call ourselves the human race.” “ You are the beasts that chose technology.” “ Hmm? I have no idea what you are talking about. What do you call yourself out there?” Dan was jotting down words as  the elf’s skin began to turn back into its odd corner. “ Nemarian . I am from the Nemarian “ Her fingers clasped together nervously. Was she speaking correctly. This language sounded so odd coming out of her tongue. Dan stood up unfolding his arms to the Nemarian elf. He could smell pepperoni pizza from above but figured that he could eat it later. A Nemarian as she called herself was a rare sight. “ What’s a Nemarian exactly.” “ We are elves that devote our being to living off of nature, and have devoted to a life with only natural magic in it. “ “ Magic? Are you telling me all of my days playing Dungeons and Dragons are finally worth something?”He chuckled while running a hand through his graying dark hair. A chief for over twenty years was bound to lose a gray hair or two. “ Yes magic.” She could feel her life substance draining like someone left open a canteen and poured it out onto water. “ A life substance that you humans have been bent on forgetting.” “ We only know how to pollute the air sweety. Tell me, what does magic do for you?” “ It is my life. I need it to sustain living.”  Her breathing was starting to heave as the human’s words were starting to sound like wild beasts again. The man gave up after asking her a few more questions, and pushed her to a nicer room. A room meant for visitors that were waiting on people to get let out. A large odd sounding machine that scared her, and a window that looked like it had bars on it greeted her. What are humans really? Her fingers slid along the oak table but it could not feel the life of the trees which saddened her. Time tickled on. It felt a tiny bit faster than it would for a human. She was missing home where the sound of trees made her laugh, or sand drifted under her feet along the waterfront. It’s a place where oil wasn’t beating into the sky, or plumes of smoke into the air. Tastes of dry cinnamon bread like the odd dough that the elders in the village made wafted into her mouth. “ What do we do with her sir? She’s not a criminal.” A young voice rang through the area. “ I mean if we go to the state police they’ll call us a hoard of laughing baboons at this rate.” “ We mine as well be baboons to her.” The door swung open but she did not move an inch her light dress twinkling with the barely noticeable sun. Dan walked over to the table and hunched down placing an entire folder on the table while a young cop fetched three chairs. “  I know you don’t understand me as your breathing is starting thin. I think whatever magic as you call it is leaving you. If it is what sustains you then we need to figure out how to get you magic. “ “ If she doesn’t understand you, do you really think she is going to respond to you?” The three chairs were set down a few feet from each other. “ I mean I am sure we sound like baboons too.” How do we teach baboons?I am sure you were taught this in psychology class that you so pride yourself on Jared.” “ We used treats to get them to behave. But she isn’t an animal. I mean she looks human to me, and has half a brain.” “ Our job is slightly easier. We know she can communicate, and we know that she understands gestures. So, let us start our investigation with that like civil people.” He pointed at the Nemarian trying to edge her over by pointing at the open chair on the other side of the table. She cocked her head in slight confusion. At home, they used huge rocks to sit on ...what were these oddly built creations? Her feet tried to figure out how to sit revealing a little more than needed but neither man said a word as she crossed her legs on the chair as if it was a natural thing to do. “ We are about to use gestures Jared to figure out what her magic is, and how to replenish it. We can hope she returns the favor with us.” “ Is there even a chance of that happening?” Jared shoved a frosted chocolate donut into his mouth as if the entire scenario was just some trick. “ I bet candid cameras are laughing down at us. Ha, a real elf...yea right.” Dan opened up the file with a ton of odd words littered all over the pages. Some of it was quotes from Harry Potter, Lord Of the Rings, or the likes which was all complete fantasy to him. Maybe, the books held a half truth as they were staring at an elf that could've been a Queen in Lord of the Rings. On the paper, there was an image of the Queen of elves named Galadriel from Lord of the Rings with her cascading purple locks, and a beautiful body. He pointed at her then at the paper of Galadriel. She looked at the picture in confusion. It looked nothing like a Nemarian elf. Her head shook viciously as her hands shivered. Jared stood up to get her a cup of warm water to cool the elf. Dan again pointed at the paper but this time at the words Magic.   “Elf magic isn’t like wizard’s magic, is it? …I mean, they can Apparate and Disapparate in and out of Hogwarts when we can’t.” — Ron Weasley The words on the page fumbled till she read the quote which was written in human language and completely useless to her. She had some form of understanding that they were trying to figure out what kind of elf she was. Her history texts back at home would make them cringe as it would tell the story of why humans are going to fail in their promise to evolve using technology. Magic was continuously seeking the strength out of her but in one last effort a form of words came out of her mouth. Words being spoken in a harsh dialect like that of a spartan soldier who mixed greek with roman symbols. An odd sphere appeared on the table and the sphere began to talk in the common language of humans. This orb was only to detail her kind but not to the amount that it would overwhelm them. However, the orb was interrupted by an earth shattering squeal like of her mother who lost it’s child echoed. “ Who dare break mortal law?” A man in a black overcoat appeared with deep ruby eyes, and glistening sharp teeth. She knew the man was not of the technological world. But whom would be so powerful as to know exactly when a twinge of magic is used in the human world? None of the nemarian textbooks spoke about repent for using magic in the human world. The humans looked terrified as if an evil doer from a science fiction novel teleported before their eyes with mouths agape, and breathing nearly stilled. “ Who dare break the treaty of the Mortal Realm?” His voice boomed shaking one of the coffee mugs in the cupboard. “ It was I.” She stood up straight heaving in what could be her last breath to ever be taken. “ You? A nemarian elf?Aren’t you only taught the ways of Earth Magic? “ The voice began to dial down as the words were both in human dialect and her own. “ Earth magic was never considered a sin on the mortal realm.” “ What you just did is not Earth magic child. You were about to scry into your realm and look into the deep rooted clan meeting. “ He heaved a sigh. The way the creature was dressed made it clear to her what type of man she was dealing with. Not a god. Not a weird wizard deemed hidden on this realm but a dark elf meant to protect those from seeing too much of a world humans considered nonexistent. “ I assure you that I-” “ Enough child. You have broken the mortal  law TWICE.Crossing through a door, and now using a technique used to scry. You will be facing a hefty crime child. Come with me,” The man waved his hand and just as fast as she was on mortal territory, her body was back in the land of magic. Her breathing became easier, and she could feel the trees swaying in glee. The room was dark enough where even her eyes could not see. In a moment, flashes of light flickered from as a gremlin snapped his fingers to create fire in the area. It was set up as a magic prison with electricity spiking around a circle she was standing in. Men in black robes circled her like vultures. The punishment for breaking Mortal law is death. It will always be death. But the door awoke for her, and she knew nothing of the Mortal war aside from the sweet drink that keeps them awake. “ You. Nemarian elf. Name yourself.” A man with glowing ocean eyes a skeleton like skin stepped forward with a cane in his hand. “ Nerine, daughter of two deceased parents, and raised by the village elder.” “ Nerine, You understand that your penalty for traversing through the door is death. Plus, you used magic in front of humans. “ “ I did not choose anything. I opened the door and it flung me into madness.” “ You mean to say the door was open before you touched it?” “ I am saying the door choose me to swing through it. Not the other way around.” “ Let me read through the ways the door open,” A skeletal man whispered a spell as a giant text made of thick oak, and fading paper appeared in his fingers. “ The rules of aversa for the door are as follows; no man is to unseal the door for any reason. It is here to keep humans, and magic seperate. The door can only be opened by those who are descendants to Aversa, or a wizard who knows the unsealing spell. If one does open the door, the penalty is death, and the elders select in which way.” He took a deep breath before talking again. “ What this is telling me is that we did not kill all of the Aversia descendents.” “ Aversa, wasn’t she that historical witch that cut the world into three dimensions.” The man who captured her spoke his ruby eyes twinkling with the flames of the torch. “ So, you must have traces of that magic. But due to the fact that you did not plan to open the door, we can not punish you as severely as we wish. We can only wait for the council to decide your fate.”   Somewhere in a cave a dark red dragon hung his head to a human with her hand out. “ In the name of Aversia, we must save that child. Save the child from the corrupted truths she’s been told.”   Alright, my next post will be a song lyric post, Maybe a few practices at writing lyrics, and then back to my onwriting, and challenges grind. Thank you. Like, share, follow, and enjoy.