I have yet to take up a  challenge up that is about bettering the world for the thirty days. Surely, we can all take some time to start this challenge up, and spread it around like it’s the best food in the world. My challenge is to lighten up the world during such a dark age that we have. Too many people only care about themselves, or only want to deal with themselves, or only see money as an answer to show off what they have. Well, this challenge will slam all that crud to the side, and we will prevail in showing the world a place where people care. A place where take time to make it better. A place to enjoy. Ever wanted to do a challenge that makes you understand humanism a bit more? I have just the challenge for you just be sure to link back your participation   Now, I will be setting up all 30 days here. You can start on whatever day you wish just link your post back to me. This is a mission to create a better place. You may even repeat the challenge if you wish. But none the less, I have done the challenge already but will giving it a second go with writing to adorn each moment.  
  1. Put your cell phone away for a whole day. Twenty-Four hours from the time you wake up to the time you fall asleep. You can write about anything you witness without your electronic device in your hand. This means no social media for one full day. ( I know I’m starting rough but it’s a first day. Gotta show your dedication.)
  2. I want you to write about another person who did a humanistic act. You could even take a picture, or write a poem.
  3. Describe what humanism means to you.
  4. I want you to pay for one item for someone other than yourself, and describe why you did this because understanding is the key to starting this movement.
  5. I want you to write about what it would be like to be a pet.
  6. Go to your local foodbank and donate food. Describe the experience, talk with the people, and write about it.
  7. Walk. Go for a walk and describe anything that stands out to you, or write about what didn’t stand out to you. If you see a family focus on their conversation or so forth.
  8. Pick up trash on the ground and throw it away. Describe what the Earth means to you.
  9. This a reflection day. You are free to choose to do any of the above again.
  10. Buy someone’s coffee.
  11. Surprise someone with something special that is hand crafted.
  12. Pick a song that has a good message on the top forty and explain why it is giving a good message to children, and people all over the world. ( We need to look at what is being taught on the radio.)
  13. Pick a horrible song on the top forty list that gives the wrong impression to society.
  14. Request a good message song on the radio
  15. Write about the reason you are undertaking this challenge
  16. Go to a museum, or a zoo and do not take pictures but describe the life of the passerbyers that you see. ( You can always go to a park and get a similar reaction. )
  17. Talk to a stranger. Yes. Walk up to a stranger and have a conversation with them. You can do this with a few strangers.
  18. Pretend to be a Trump supporter and see how angry people get at you. ( Jk Jk.) I really want you to watch a television show that you feel has a good meaning behind.
  19. Be adventurous. Do something that is not something you typically do.
  20. Pick something from the last ten, and repeat it.
  21. Feed your neighbor's pet.
  22. You can bring food to your work for everyone just to do it.
  23. Do something nice for someone else.
  24. Buy a toy for a child.
  25. Buy a stranger dinner.
  26. Go get flowers and lay them out on the graveyard for the dead.
  27. Go to your local store and buy 20 dollars worth of stuff to show local support.
  28. Take time to clean your house for everyone.
  29. Pick a world event and discuss why it bothers you.
  31. Use any of the last 30 and repeat it.
I want you to link back to this page if you choose to start it so I can comment, like, and share up your posts as well.