Growing too fast the phenomenon

Growing too fast the phenomenon

Growing too fast the phenomenon

For better or for worse we are in times where growing mistakes will be made. Every problem we have is meant to help us grow into potentially the best human beings we can.

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Flourishing too fast is like a rose – bittersweet and thorny

If you haven’t noticed the digital age has taken over how kids pay attention and learn in a glowingly advanced world. I can’t imagine a world where children can’t go outside and run around because they are too busy worrying about the cellular device clung to ears.

The day you realize you grew up too fast is the day you realize your an adult for sure

I was the kid that was outside with sticks, and basketballs trying to imagine new worlds inside my head. ( Explains the writer in me.) I use to challenge boys in truth or dare, rugby, Frisbee, and tried to kill ants with a magnifying glass.

Hard times is like code for maturity usually

I am a guilty kid for growing up too early like most in my area. So with this in mind I have a few poems for you I want to share.

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Dollhouse bodies

I stared into the barrel of a silver eyed pistol

You threatened the breath I breathe

for a dollhouse play thing

As if ti was to be discarded in waste

Like a piece of toilet paper

I remember feeling the stone cold touch

As you tried to caress what wasn’t finished

Did it make you feel like a viper as it struck violently?

I stared into the barrel of a silver eyed pistol

Barren is my soul

Was this the cost of living?

To be used



Over and over

Like a VCR tape as it loses its worth

I remember your words

Whispering in the dark of the room

As you tried to reassure me

This is what children did

I saw my life torn through your body

The change ever smaller

Lines of faint pink

When you were done

Blood that should of fallen


I saw you disappear faster than a blink

I didn’t know your name

Just the sleazy way you touched me

I feared to touch anyone

would they ravage me

Leaving me bare like you did?

Would they hold my life before my eyes

Threatening poison in me with their empty words

Are we all just dollhouse bodies to be ripped apart?

Sorrow like a dove

Sorrow is falling

Cries from lions as hey battle for territory

It crackles with each step


awaiting attacks like a cat as it eyes the dove

It refuses to disappear

A cry from a song bird as its wings get eclipsed by

a red hawk

Disaster is abound as the feeling washes the soul

Knives are quick, sharp, fast but sorrow is slow

It seeps under skin

paralyzing oneself into a box

The flight of lions has no desire to prove what is right

or wrong

Just like sorrow has no desire

to prove a battle against happiness

We are forever drowning in our own


enlisting in likes, texts, and pictures

to illuminate

how happy we are

Growing up is like learning how to swim


I always feel like growing up is like learning how to swim. We may know how to grow but we aren’t prepared to be out in the open ocean where sharks can eat us. Our parents teach us what they want us to grow up, but we teach ourselves who we want to be.

I promise you the moment we decided who we wanted to be at five is who we needed to be. A firefighter for some, a nurse for others, a teacher, a writer, and a vet. Some parents tell you to chase after something such as jobs where the money is at.

Other parents say grow up to chase after your dreams. Life is too short. I will repeat life is too short to fall into a job life where there is no growth, no time, and no happiness. Do something you love, and love it while you do it.

What do you think about growing up?

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